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Tıpta Yenilikçi Yaklaşımlar Dergisi 2022, Cil. 3(1) 1-19

Morphometric Evaluation of Coccyx with Microcomputed Tomography (Micro CT) and Computed Tomography (CT) Technology

Ferhat Geneci, Cem Cemi̇l Denk, Muhammet Bora Uzuner, Mert Ocak, İhsan Doğan, Emre Yağız Sayacı, İlke Ali̇ Gürses, Nurdan Çay, Duygu Baykal, Hakan Hamdi̇ Çeli̇k & Ayhan Cömert

ss. 1 - 19   |  DOI: https://doi.org/10.29329/jiam.2022.455.1

Yayın tarihi: Haziran 30, 2022  |   Okunma Sayısı: 96  |  İndirilme Sayısı: 281


Aim: We investigated the coccyx anatomy accurately in detail by microcomputed tomography (micro CT) and computed tomography (CT) to contribute to the data related to the coccyx anatomy and the potential clinical contribution of these datas in the treatment of coccyx’s pathologies.

 Material and Methods: Twenty coccyges from embalmed cadavers were examined with a micro CT device. The inferior part of the sacrum and coccyx together with the surrounding soft tissue was removed safely. The tissue was scanned with a micro CT device, and all parameters were measured with micro CT image viewer programs. CT images of 29 patients without coccyx pathology were measured with OsiriX programs. Measured morphometric parameters with micro CT and CT were evaluated using statistical methods.

Results: Generally, the morphometric parameters as mean values were larger in males than in females. Mean values for vertical length and coccyx width were higher for CT compared with micro CT images. Coccyx was more flat in the frontal plane in females. There were statistically significant differences between the micro CT and CT images regarding mean vertical length, width, lateral deviation angle, and sacrococcygeal angle and length of the vertebrae (p < 0.05). There were no statistically significant differences in number and width of the vertebrae (p > 0.05).

Conclusion: We suggest that examining the normal coccyx morphology will help to better understand and treat the pathologic conditions of the coccyx. We believe our findings will contribute to the data related to the coccyx anatomy.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Coccyx - Anatomy - Microcomputed tomography – Computed tomography - Cadaver

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APA 6th edition
Geneci, F., Denk, C.C., Uzuner, M.B., Ocak, M., Dogan, I., Sayaci, E.Y., Gurses, I.A., Cay, N., Baykal, D., Celi̇k, H.H. & Comert, A. (2022). Morphometric Evaluation of Coccyx with Microcomputed Tomography (Micro CT) and Computed Tomography (CT) Technology . Tıpta Yenilikçi Yaklaşımlar Dergisi, 3(1), 1-19. doi: 10.29329/jiam.2022.455.1

Geneci, F., Denk, C., Uzuner, M., Ocak, M., Dogan, I., Sayaci, E., Gurses, I., Cay, N., Baykal, D., Celi̇k, H. and Comert, A. (2022). Morphometric Evaluation of Coccyx with Microcomputed Tomography (Micro CT) and Computed Tomography (CT) Technology . Tıpta Yenilikçi Yaklaşımlar Dergisi, 3(1), pp. 1-19.

Chicago 16th edition
Geneci, Ferhat, Cem Cemi̇l Denk, Muhammet Bora Uzuner, Mert Ocak, Ihsan Dogan, Emre Yagiz Sayaci, Ilke Ali̇ Gurses, Nurdan Cay, Duygu Baykal, Hakan Hamdi̇ Celi̇k and Ayhan Comert (2022). "Morphometric Evaluation of Coccyx with Microcomputed Tomography (Micro CT) and Computed Tomography (CT) Technology ". Tıpta Yenilikçi Yaklaşımlar Dergisi 3 (1):1-19. doi:10.29329/jiam.2022.455.1.

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